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What’s this all about then?

I’m not sure how you got here, but I am glad you did!

I figured I should give a bit of background on me, what I do and why I have created this (yet another) “blog” site.

This post will likely be my longest so that I can give you all a bit of an intro to me…Kev…this guy.

First off…my name is Kevin…I’m a happily-married (for 28 years) Canadian Christ-following sales guy who really loves God, his family, reading, sales, gaming, cycling and much more, but let’s leave something to post about in the future, right? Given the name of the site, though, I guess I should point out how much I love my coffee…

I have worked in IT distribution for over 25 years now, and love my career choice. Helping customers overcome obstacles is one of those things that just gives you a good feeling of satisfaction, and I don’t think I’d be happy doing anything else.

For hobbies and favourite activities, I have quite a few (maybe a couple too many, according to my better half). I don’t think I can put them in any order of preference, as it really depends on the season, what I feel like doing.

I love the social aspects of massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG) having played those casually since 1999 when EverQuest launched. I’ve tried World of Warcraft and others, but the lore and storylinese in the EQ/ EQ2 franchise have always pulled me back into the world of Norrath. Currently I play RuneScape 3 with our oldest son for some fantasy gaming time. I also still absolutely love good ol’ Dungeons & Dragons (you remember it…pencils, graph paper, dice and a good imagination). Although that’s definitely changed since it’s 1970’s era launch, it still remains a great time with friends (even during COVID-19 when we’ve been meeting weekly or so online!

The D&D kind of leads to another love…painting miniature figures for the game. I have several characters and beasties that I have painted myself. The ability to do this probably came from my love since childhood of building and painting/ detailing scale model cars, but I absolutely love getting into all the fiddly details of these miniatures. One of these miniatures (or a car build) would likely be a great topic for a series of posts in the future.

For activity I love to get out on my road bike (I have a 2013 Trek Domane 2.3 for those who care). In our area of Ontario, I’m close to a lot of country roads that are great for road cycling and will typically do rides anywhere from 25KM to 100KM – it all just depends how I’m feeling and how much time I can be gone for. I love the quiet of biking alone, but also have a regular group of friends that ride together, too. During these crazy times of working from home, I’ve been making sure to get out during the work-day and walk. I will typically do a mid-day walk of 3-5KM. All about keeping fit and healthy. It’s too easy with not having been able to get out and visit customers in person to stay sitting at my desk, which leads to weight gain and possibly other health problems!

So finally, on to why I created this site…I guess I really just wanted another challenge that I could work on whenever inspiration strikes. Content may be a bit “all over the place” as I find the direction…photos, thoughts, likes, dislikes, reviews, and more possibly…I’d love to get comments and suggestions as I go to help the site grow into something fun and informative. Oh, and I’m not really that grumpy if I don’t get my coffee. In fact, I’ve cut that intake down and feel much better. I simply thought it sounded like a fun name.

I’m glad you stumbled on in, and hope I can create some content that keeps you coming back and would love to get to know you. Be sure to leave comments introducing yourself and let me know what you think.