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9/11 Memories from Canada

New WTC Memorial

I know there are likely going to be lots of posts on this today, but as I was scrolling through my news feed today over a coffee, I was brought back to that fateful morning in 2001…sitting in the office, going about my normal early-day work routine, chatting with colleagues and then the news hit.

At first, it was more about confusion with all the little bits of info coming in, and everyone wondering what was going on! And then the second plane hit, and I remember just feeling my stomach lurch…the feeling of empathy that washed over me (and many of my co-workers) was so acute that it went silent in our large open-concept office. You could hear a pin drop (on carpet no less).

A short while later our CEO told everyone that if they needed to they could go home. Most of us stayed and tried to work while getting info off the Internet. A few of us did head to a nearby co-worker’s house for lunch so we could get the TV news feed for a while. By this time flights were being re-routed all over (I remember Gander, NL being a main hub but I think a few flights were sent to Toronto too) and at this point it was all about nations reaching out with helping hands however possible.

I cannot fathom being family members of the thousands who perished that day, whether they were serving as first responders, or those who for no reason other than being in the wrong spot at the wrong time thanks to evil terrorists, had their lives cut short as they relive this day for the 19th time. Even though I do not know any of you, and you’ll likely not read this, know that I (and many Canadians) share in your grief and pain, and hope and pray that nothing like this happens again…to anyone.

Remembering those who fell and those who carry on…

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