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My Drizzt mini is complete!

One of my favourite D&D-inspired characters is definitely Drizzt Do’Urden, created by R.A. Salvatore in his best-selling series based in The Forgotten Realms. I think I’m on book 20 or 21 now? You can see what book I’m reading on the right side of the site.

When I saw that The Army Painter had a new Underdark paint set with a few more “D&D-specific” paints, I jumped at that, especially when I saw it had an exclusive Drizzt miniature!

Drizzt Do’Urden out of the box…ready to go!

I tried to keep as much to how I picture Drizzt thoughout my reading, so while the finished product may not be exactly as you imagine him in your mind, I think he turned out pretty darn good! I mostly used Army Painter paints, along with a few Citadel and Vallejo. I really need to keep track of what I used so I can put a list for anyone trying to duplicate (or better) my results!

Drizzt, out on an adventure in Icewind Dale!

I’d love to have your comments and criticisms, but be gentle!

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