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It’s been a while…new direction for site

Not sure if anyone’s still following or checking out the site, but it was definitely an extremely busy winter with work and managing through pandemic with lockdowns, etc. in our region.

I have, however, gotten into a new hobby that is extremely satisfying – 3D resin printing! I decided to pull the trigger on an Elegoo Mars Pro 3D Resin Printer a couple months back to print my own miniatures for D&D and such, and WOW, have I been having a blast!

I think what I’m going to do, is work my way through the 5e D&D Monster Manual and try printing and painting each creature and showcasing here, maybe with some comments on printing challenges, settings used, etc. in the printing process, and then the types of paint used, etc. I’ll likely throw some player-type characters in there too from time to time as our groups’ adventures progress and change!

I’m hoping to get a bit of a community following going, so will promote it a bit once I get the first one done! May also feature some Patreons, Kickstarters and designers that I like. I likely will not get into sculpting much on my own as my brain-space probably wouldn’t allow for it LOL

Watch here soon if you’re into printing and/ or painting fantasy miniatures! Look forward to meeting some folks!


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My First “Humble Bundle”

I had never heard of Humble Bundle before, but one day there was an ad in my Facebook feed that caught my eye. Now I typically don’t click or investigate ads on social media (way too much click-bait for my liking), but this one was promoting a Pathfinder bundle of books and e-books that looked very interesting. For those not familiar with Pathfinder, it’s a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) a la Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) that some friends have played and enjoyed, and I’ve always wanted to give it a whirl. The cost of the books, though (when so heavily invested in D&D), always made me think, “later, Kev”.

This bundle, however, basically allowed me to pay what I thought was fair, with portions going to the publisher and charity. I finally decided to do $50CAD and that would get me the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Second Edition) hardcover as well as approximately 25-30 PDF and ePub files of other Pathfinder content (rules, adventures, creatures, etc.). Since the book (at around $60CAD) was always my main need, but also my main deterrent due to cost, I figured why not jump in and get all the extra content as well!

Fast forward about 4 weeks (they had to ship from the US to Canada of course) and yesterday a box arrived. I admit, I was nervous about getting a gorgeous hardcover book like this mailed – who knows how they’d pack it and would it arrived damaged? Well the fear of that was nixed immediately upon opening the box. Not only did they have it sized exactly, the book was inserted into precise foam corner cutouts, as seen below in the “unboxing” pictures.

Net result was a pristine condition book, a super-happy customer that will soon learn the Pathfinder rules, and essentially this post to help promote Humble Bundle for anyone that is into gaming, eBooks and software and is looking for interesting content and a very unique way to procure. Give them a look sometime!