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Meet Dimble Blackrock!

This is hopefully going to be my next D&D character if and when we get to our next campaign. Dimble is a Forest Gnome who is on his way to becoming a Conjuration Wizard.

The miniature was designed on Hero Forge and at one point when they had a sale on .STL files (for 3D printing yourself) I ordered a few different character possibilities. At the time I did not have a 3D printer of my own, but a friend who had one was willing to print it off. Due to COVID we never really got around to it, but fast forward to 2021 and I picked up my own Elegoo Mars Pro and started getting used to printing my own minis, and after many failed prints, some more learning, and subsequently more successful prints, it was time to bring Dimble to life.

Painting was done over an evening and a couple of hours this afternoon to finish him off. I didn’t quite get the purple trim on the robes the shade I wanted, but overall I’m happy with him. I will say I do like the attempt at the runes in his spell book.

Next up is his mounted version (my Hero Forge rendition below) and then the next installment of my Monster Manual “Print & Paint” project – Aboleth is the 2nd monster in the list for that, so that should be an interesting subject. I’m studying up on the Aboleth lore to help me decide how to paint it up.

Dimble Hero Forge rendition (aka Painting Guide) while mounted

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