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Gargoyles, D&D, Broken Bridges…

These gargoyles didn’t last too long against our power!

Last night was our online session of D&D…we are in the latter parts of Rise of Tiamat…a very popular 5th Edition adventure – our group has been at this (starting with Hoard of the Dragon Queen) for almost two years now. We are all level 11 and still having a blast, even remote using Roll20 as our virtual tabletop platform during the pandemic. Every single one of us still eagerly looks forward to our sessions, and even though we miss rolling real dice and being there in person, we have a blast every other week or so!

My character is Cordanim Stoneridge, a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut and my trusty celestial wyvern (I know, I know the mini isn’t a wyvern) Pu’Khi who I can summon every once in a while for some flying support.

If you used to play D&D and haven’t in a while, definitely look into with some friends! It’s a great way to connect with people while staying safe!

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